Home Tour

We have now been in our home for eight years. It’s hard to believe it has been that long, already! We had originally only thought we would be here for a few years, but even with its quirks, the house has grown on us.

So, since this is long overdue, an updated home tour. I’m in the process of finishing up painting (once again). I’m kind of tired of painting, to be honest, so I’m hoping this will sit well with me for a while. Still painting trim, too, but most of it is painted out, now.

Missing from the photos are the exterior – which we painted in 2015 and made a HUGE difference – and the lower level bathroom (which I have plans for…) and the basement, which is a mess. :)

(And if you’re interested, here is the last home tour update with before and afters. It has changed quite a bit.)



One thought on “Home Tour

  1. Oh, that does look like a lot of painting! I am envious of that brick in your kitchen–what a nice detail.

    I also find myself surprised at how time has gone quickly. It’s been at 6 years, but it still feels a bit like “the new house.” Whenever I happen upon pictures from the first year or two, though, I’m amazed at the difference. It’s great how much you can accomplish if you just keep plugging away at it, isn’t it?

    Good luck with that bathroom. We finally finished ours last summer. A great feeling.

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