My husband has declared war on the lawn.

This spring has marked the beginning of our fifth year in this house. Our yard was lacking when we moved in – leaves covered most of it for probably too long, killing what grass that we did have. So that first year, once we finally uncovered the lawn, we just tried to work at de-sparsing it.

We hired a lawn service and they helped the first two summers. Things seemed to look better. Last year, we decided we could manage ourselves. And it was okay…but this year? Let’s just say that the weeds have filled in the bald spots.

And now we have dandelions.

It’s very frustrating and we’ll probably just end up paying someone else to take care of it.

Our neighbors all have beautiful lawns. I am well aware that a well-tended lawn doesn’t happen overnight, but when I think about that and the lack of landscaping and the rock beds that are also filling in with weeds. Aaaah. I can only handle so much.

I laid down Preen a few weeks back and laid some tarps for a new planting bed on the east side of our house, where there were no plantings on that side of our house at all.

Originally written 6/4/14, published in March 2016.

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