progress. (?)

A few photos of our recent painting updates.

I started revamping our hallway a long time back…painting out the trim and doors and painting the walls. I didn’t like the deep gray that we had alongside our red/orange dining room wall color, so I’ve been in-search of a replacement.

(I’m not kidding you, I have a sack of those sample pots of various Benjamin Moore colors in one of our closets. It’s embarrassing.)

I chose Roycroft Suede from Sherwin Williams’ Arts and Crafts collection. I have always adored Craftsman bungalows and actually found through comparing swatches that I already had used equivalents of two shades in the palette in our house (Roycroft Adobe in our dining room and Decorous Amber in our butterfly bathroom.) So looking for other colors within the collection seemed the way to go.

I should have swatched more areas.

I loved the color in the hallway – a medium brown, maybe a bit taupe. It went a little olive-y on the second side, but I thought I could live with that.

I moved to the fireplace wall and it looked kind of yellow. I figured it was the lighting and the existing color (plus, this color sort of looks like baby poop yellow-green going on, but thankfully dries darker), keep going.

So I did.

It’s green.

It’s an okay color, but the color looks different between the soffit wall and the fireplace wall – to the point that I think it looks like two different colors.

And because I can never be satisfied and I’m not a color expert, I’ll probably just end up buying another gallon of paint.

(My husband is so sick of me buying more paint.)

Honestly, I would like to be done with the painting part and not have our house be a patchwork of colors, as well. I would love to have a cohesive color scheme and good flow from room to room, so it’s a little discouraging that this didn’t work.

Oh, well. All part of it, right?






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