just like that.

On days like this, I need to remind myself to breathe.

Remind myself that things could always be worse.

Remind myself to count my blessings, rather than my hurts.

It would have been my cousin Chad’s birthday, today. He passed away a few months ago. I think of him every single day. I like to think of him as sort of a guardian angel, looking out for me. That or that he plays tricks on me – the latter is more likely. Last week, while I was home with Jayan, the lid jumped off my sugar canister I keep on my counter (this cannot happen on its own). Freaked me out.

Chad would have laughed. He was always about the pranking.

I have been so stressed out, lately. There are things in my life that need changing, clearly. I feel like there are things underground working against me. I’m not normally wrong about things like that.

I just need to trust that things will work their way out. They always do. But, as normal, I worry too much. It’s not good or healthy to do that.

I need to remember how lucky I am. I have a supportive husband and a stubborn son and I house that I love. We can afford to take vacations. We have loving, relatively low-drama extended families. My husband is a newly-official US citizen. I have a new car. We live in a nice neighborhood.

I just need to keep my head up, stay strong. Remember things can change.

Just like that.


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