I am ninety-nine percent positive that the red house will be going up for sale. That would be three houses for sale within the span of a half block – and are all surrounding the house where the people store junk in the front yard and the lawn has gone to weeds.

I came to this conclusion the house was going to be for-sale by the air conditioning truck being at the house on Thursday and U-Haul’s there the past two days. The owners of the home died within a year of each other and the house has been empty (and not well maintained) since then. It will be good to have a new owner. If they are selling, which I’m pretty sure they will be.

My husband had mentioned signs for an estate sale, too, about a week ago. I wish I would have known – I’ll take any advantage to snoop through a house. :) I love houses and I’m kind of curious what the layout is like – it is a ranch with a second story above the garage and a walkout to a pond behind the house.

If they are smart – all three of these house owners should approach the owner of the home with the bad front yard and strike up a bargain. Honestly, it really does bring down the neighborhood when that is the first thing that you see and I can’t imagine that it will make selling a house (much less three of them) very easy.

I know that you can’t choose your neighbors, but wow.

I’m not kidding. It’s BAD. And our neighborhood is actually pretty nice (with the exception of that stretch).

They should say something. If their houses sit on the market without selling and then sell low because of the bad lawn – and that’s the case with all three of them – that will not bide well for the neighborhood.

Not that we’re planning to sell any time too soon. It would just make me sad to see the neighborhood decline due to an unfortunate homeowner.

Originally written 7/28/13, published in March 2016.

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