a little before and after.

We have been living in our house, officially, four years, as of Memorial Day weekend. Crazy how fast time goes! (And how many colors I have painted the walls in that amount of time…I’m still debating colors, actually.)

I do think that it’s completely satisfying to see how much things really have changed since we moved in. So…here are a few pictures from the real estate listing and what the rooms are looking like now. Pretty wild.

The Family Room

The family room – this is the deep gray wall color that I have a love/hate relationship with. :) I love it when I’m home in the evenings – it’s a great, cozy color. But on the weekends, it’s a little dark. We still need to get curtains for the east window and the candle holder (on the floor on the right) is now up on the fireplace. And the glass lamp on the left has been replaced by the match to the other lamp.

If you are wondering what it looks like normally, add a gazillion toys on the rug and there you go. :)

The Dining Room

This photo is really dark, but the color is fantastic. Kind of a rusty red. :) I would love to have a photo display on the wall. I’m picking some photos from one of our trips to Nepal – just need to get them printed and up!

The dining table is glass and is MUCH larger than it looks. It’s 60″ across, so we can easily seat ten people! Oh, and I highly recommend leather chairs for in your dining room, especially if you have kids. So easy to clean up!

The Living Room / Office

This is the living room side – the office side is too messy.

This room is still pretty mis-mashy. My hubby would love a sectional in here and maybe a bar set-up. Then, I’ll move this sofa up to the family room.

Taking down the panelling was one of the first things we did when we moved in. (Before we moved in, actually!) We were lucky in that it was drywalled behind it, so we just needed to mud and sand the walls. Maybe at some point we will lay some slate tile in here. But that will be a huge, MESSY job. (Not to mention tough!) So we’ll probably never do it. :)

I’m also planning to paint the double doors black – I painted them white, so I can do that.

Jayan’s Room

There wasn’t pictures in the listing of the bedrooms, so I’ll add a few pics of Jayan’s room. We haven’t bothered to take apart the crib since he was a baby here. Whoops. My mom made the quilt for him and I love having it displayed. She also painted the wall and did the trellis stenciling with painters’ tape – I had saw a nursery on HGTV’s site that had something similar and copied it. I love it.

And you can see that I need another coat or two of paint on the door. I’m okay with things being in-progress. :)

The twin beds and the dresser were my mother’s uncles’ set from back in the 1940’s. There are cut-outs of oak leaves on the headboards and footboards. I painted the side table – it used to be an el cheapo maple nightstand from Target. The tiger on the wall was from my bedroom when I was a kid.

Anyway. I’ll post other progress shots at some point – once I remember to take pictures AND upload them. My current project is the hallway – it’s mostly painted the same gray from the family room – but I haven’t finished it because it’s super dark up there, now! So, I’m rethinking the color.

More paint! Whoo.


2 thoughts on “a little before and after.

  1. Somehow I missed this when you first posted it. (End of school craziness, I’m guessing.) Love seeing the photos. (I’m a sucker for before/after shots.) And I love your house. We’re currently contemplating various shades of gray for our family room. Yours does look really cozy, and so great with those wood beams. I would love to have a ceiling like that. We’ve got popcorn in our family room! :-)

    • No worries, you’ve been busy! (In a good way!) Thanks for your kind thoughts about our house. It’s coming along. I like before and after photos (not that any room in our house is finished) because it feels so good to see the changes. Little things over a period of time do really add up! Also, we have popcorn, too, but it’s a subtle popcorn – it doesn’t bother me enough to change it.

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