nosy neighbor.

I’m becoming a nosy neighbor.

The home across the street from us recently sold. (My “across the street” is relative, as we’re on the inside of a circle – we have, like, four houses that I would classify as “across the street.”) Anyway. It was on the market for four months or so – probably overpriced, as my neighbor Nancy speculated – and sold about a month ago.

The old neighbors, we never saw. They were snowbirds, spending their winters somewhere down south and we never saw them when they came back during the summer. In fact, the only times we even knew they were there was because a few times per summer, their driveway and the street would be filled with cars, because their kids were home with their kids to use the pool in the backyard.

(Nearly all of the houses in our neighborhood had an in-ground pool at some point. Did I mention that? Ours never did – most of the pools are filled in, now, so people can have more lawn, even though our lots are all in-range of a half-acre.)

Anyway. I mention my nosiness, because my theory is that the new neighbors aren’t really new neighbors, at all. I’m thinking that they bought the house cheap and are gutting it to resell. A flip.

There is a dumpster outside, now. In the past week, there have been several days where there are ten-plus cars at the house. And there has been a “decorating/painting/handyman service” car there a bunch of days, too. Last night, someone was chipping away at brick. Or, that’s what I was speculating by what I could hear from where I was at.

There’s too many trees in our neighborhood. I can only see so much.

So, maybe they’re just ambitious and are hiring out their renovations before moving in. Or they have lots of friends and family to help?

Or…my thought, that a bunch of people bought into the house and are going to do the work and then split the profits however many ways when they find a new buyer.

We’re in a pretty nice neighborhood – quiet, for sure. I guess I’ll just need to keep my eyes and ears open, until I actually meet people to find out what’s happening.

The listing agent for the property actually lives a few houses away, at the end of the circle. (Their yard, by the way, is pristine – I am so jealous.) I like that an agent would refer people to their own neighborhood – plus, that the neighbor would give business to another neighbor. I heard that the people who bought the house have two kids, but I haven’t seen any kids, yet. The backyard is almost all pool, so if it were me, I’d look at filling that in, if I was moving in with little ones.

But…I’m still thinking it’s a flip. I guess we will find out. I suppose, if they sell higher, it will help my property value. :)

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