what’s been going on.

I started painting our uppermost hallway. I carried the Behr – Amazon Stone from the living room – I think it’s because the lighting isn’t great and maybe a little because I’m not completely done, but it’s looking really dark. I didn’t think that I would mind – hallways are already dark with little natural light, but it does have an overhead lamp, which our living room has none, so I’m surprised it’s so dark.

And, of course, this makes me rethink things.

Since I have the paint already, I’m just going to continue and hope that it “lightens up” like my dark paint tends to do once I have a full wall painted out. I do really like how cozy it makes our north-facing living room feel – much better than the original off-white did, so maybe I’ll feel similar about the hallway.

I have had good luck with thrifting.

I found a pretty sparkly wreath (this style) at Unique Thrift Store in Burnsville last Friday. It’s a golden color and quite big – at least 24″ across. Much better priced than, say, during the holiday season. :) Jayan was with me, so he took home a bunch of construction toys. Unique has very cheap toy prices (like 65-80 cents a toy), so we were lucky, there. He was only good because he would have something new to take home.

It was raining as we left, so we ran through the parking lot, splashing in puddles, to get to our car. We were soaked. But such good deals.

I went to Goodwill yesterday and found the twin to my beloved terra cotta lamp. I bought the first lamp at Unique in January (I think) and found this one five months later. The finish on the base is slightly different (more of a matte finish versus the original), and the harp is a little taller, so I might need to switch that out, but it’s pretty close. Thrilled that I found it. Yay for a matched set.

I also found a large octagonal-shaped mirror at Goodwill. It’s an old-gold color. I hung it  on the stairwell wall off the entry. It fills the space well and looks so good! Thrilled.

And…we finally hung our metal candle holder / wall sculpture on the fireplace. I had found this candle holder on Craigslist – I’ve been admiring it at Pottery Barn’s website for close to three years, but couldn’t justify the price and shipping. Fifty dollars and a short drive and it was mine – plus a full set of candles thrown in. Can’t get better than that! Now, I’m itching to add a mantel – thinking about reclaimed wood from an old railroad tie?

I’ll add pictures once I can wrestle my phone away from Jayan. :)

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