just talking about the weather.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk about the weather.

It’s commonplace in Minnesota. I haven’t lived anywhere else (at least not for long, outside of business and personal travel), so I’m not sure if it’s the same everywhere else. Probably is.

Anyway. It was in the mid-seventies this weekend. We are supposed to get snow, again, overnight. It is such an odd spring. Kind of like winter just doesn’t want to let go.

The snow is nearly gone from our yard – remaining just in-front of the rock garden in the front yard, where the shadow of the house falls. (Our home faces north, so our snow is some of the last in the neighborhood to finally go.)  I have been looking forward to it being all the way gone – hopefully the colder temperatures won’t kill the grass off. It was finally starting to green up.

It was nice to have the warmer weather over the weekend. Felt so good to open the casements and feel the breeze flow through the house. Be able to walk outside without a jacket – without shoes, even.

Jayan found our abandoned snow rake from earlier in the week and had great fun pushing it around the yard. He was pretty fast. He said he was “pushing the leaves.” (Half the oaks lose their leaves in the fall and the other half in the spring, so there were lots of leaves to push around.) He circled the house, barefoot – just he and the snow rake. He lapped the house several times until he finally quit, wet with sweat, feet filthy.

But, he had a good time. And had really good exercise, especially considering we live on a hilly lot. :)

I keep checking on the hostas I planted last fall to see if they come back. I hope so. I planted a row of them to flank our house in the area where we just can’t grow grass last fall, just to see how they would do.

Our house is on the inside of a circle, so like Kate at Retro Ranch Revamp alluded with her own yard, it’s kind of like having two front yards. The problem? Is that our side yard is sadly neglected and doesn’t get good light, either, so we’re pretty clueless as to what to do with it. (Not a very welcoming front yard!)

So, I debate filling the whole area with hostas. I love them – they love shade. Maybe it will be a win win? Plus, less mowing, especially on the hillside. The neighbor boys like to play in our trees, there – I would hate to plant hostas around the trees, only to have them trampled. Benefits to having a fence, but our neighborhood is decidedly “fence free,” at least for us on the “inner circle” and I wouldn’t want to be the first one to add it.

I suppose I can add the hostas to the side yard, anyway. See what happens. Worry about it afterwards?

Looking forward to doing lots more landscaping this year. (And hopefully painting our house! I have been looking at color combinations for three years! It drives my husband nuts. :)) Our house has no landscaping whatsoever in the front yard and just looks a little sad. A few colorful planters and some actual plants in our beds will help! We were thinking that some hydrangeas would look good in-front of our house. We need something, put it that way.

I wish I wasn’t garden clueless. This summer will be good to actually go to the greenhouse and ask for recommendations.

Once it stops snowing, anyway.

2 thoughts on “just talking about the weather.

  1. I love hostas! We planted some last year, and they’re all coming back. It made me ridiculously happy to see their little leaves come poking up through the ground a month or so ago. And I love hydrangeas, too. They remind me of my Grandma’s house, which makes me happy/sad. I’ve heard they are hard to grow, and like you, I’m pretty much garden clueless. Maybe I’ll put one in once I’ve built some confidence up.

    Glad the season is finally turning for you. It’s been bona fide spring here since late March, and it’s been nice. Getting feet dirty is a good thing. :-)

  2. Hydrangeas remind me of my Grandma, too. She had a big snowball bush on the north side of her house (now my brother’s house, actually) – I have always loved them and actually used dried blooms from the bush in my bridesmaids’ bouquets for our wedding. So pretty.

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