waking up, again.

It is absolutely beautiful outside, today. It was yesterday, too.

So hard to believe that there were six inches of snow on the ground Tuesday morning. I took a picture of it that morning, through my car window, as I was pulling out of my driveway. My best girlfriend from work, Beth, told me she did the same. As did quite a few others.

My girlfriend Maria told me over breakfast Saturday that that morning, she was digging her car out, alongside a neighbor in her building who was not happy at all to be moving snow. “I took on her energy,” she told me, as she sipped her coffee. “I started out okay, but by the time I started driving, I was so cranky and bitter!”

But then, she went on, traffic slowed to a stop. She was livid. But it gave her time to look and really see – she said just at that moment, light poured through the snow covered trees and it was just spectacular. She felt lucky to have seen that and it changed her whole outlook.

The past few days have been in the high seventies. (Welcome to Minnesota.) I think the late snow has helped so many people appreciate the spring weather so much more-so. It’s like the whole neighborhood is waking up after hibernating over the winter – I spent 40 minutes Friday evening chatting with my next-door neighbor Nancy, who I hadn’t talked with since probably last November, before the snow fell.

There is a new house up for sale down the block and I heard that the nice two-story house across from us will be going up for sale in the next few weeks. The house across from us that just sold is slowly being moved out of – I heard that a family is moving in with two children. It will be nice to have more kids around.

Hopefully the people that move in take care of their houses – there are a few houses at the entrance to our neighborhood that just aren’t maintained well from the curb and because it’s at the entrance to the neighborhood, you can’t see how nice of a neighborhood ours is until you drive in further. (By the say, is there a nice way to tell your neighbor, “If you’re hoping that someone will take your junk off your hands, it helps to put a FREE sign on it”?)

So here’s hoping.

My husband and his cousin took Jayan to the driving range this afternoon. (Jayan loves golf and hitting balls.) He should enjoy it, provided he is patient enough to let someone else swing. :) It’s good for them to do things on their own, every once in a while.

I have my own cousin’s funeral tomorrow. He passed away at 41 following esophageal cancer. He was an amazing man and was a great example as to the impact that a positive outlook and an outward energy can bring to others. I am saddened by the loss of a wonderful individual, but am happy in that his downturn was relatively short in comparison to all of the living he did in the past seven months since his cancer was deemed terminal. He truly lived without regrets – something that I think we all can strive to do in our lives, however long or short.

3 thoughts on “waking up, again.

    • Thank you, Rita. We had a Celebration of Life for him this afternoon at his favorite sports bar. (Very much in-keeping with his personality.) He was a wonderful man.

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