I have been blogging for a long time.

It might not seem it from here and the (relatively) short posting history at this site, but I have been online and creating content in blogs or journals or the like since 1998. Which is a LONG time.

After reading this post on Pancakes & French Fries, it made me think about why I blog.

It’s definitely not for page views, put it that way. :) I’m lucky if I have more than a visitor or two a day!

I guess, for me, I write because I have to. I have always needed to write regularly. Purge this cluttered mind of mine. I also write to connect. To make connections in my own head, sort things out. I have been able to connect with other like-minded people – or at least find them and read them, even if they don’t read what I’m putting out there.

I do find that blogging is becoming less personal than it used to be. Definitely.

I met most of my closest contacts online through blogging. Well, journalling. I have followed some of these girls (women) for well over ten years. Moving from place to place, blog address to blog address. Back then, the internet was a lot smaller. It was weird to put things about you out there.

Why would you ever do that?

For me, though, at the time, it felt a bit like coming home. I still feel that way. Like the people I met are “my people.” I have shared experiences with these people that I would have shared with just anyone.

I’m finding that personal connection to be more and more elusive, though.

The slow creep of sponsored posts onto my reading list is one that I’m not liking. I’m finding that I’m editing my reading list way down to avoid some of it. Same with the Pinterest-friendly posts (you know the kind.)

I understand that it’s a way to make money. Totally get that, but if the content isn’t there – if people are feeling like they’re just being spoon-fed advertising, eventually, they’re going to stop reading. Especially if the part that they liked – the personal connection – is gone.

What people don’t realize, though, is that not all blogs can be super huge. Not everyone will gain a book deal or free stuff.

I’m okay with having a small blog. I’m okay if I have one or two readers – I’m okay with more. I’m okay with less. Because I’m not creating for “readership.” I’m creating to create, period.

Originally written 3/24/13, published in March 2016.

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