looking forward.

It was a warmer day, today. Relatively speaking. Last year, at this time, it was one of the warmest months on record – ever – in Minnesota – I think on the radio this morning, the weather person said it was forty degrees below than this day last year.

Needless to say, our house faces north, so our yard is one of the last in the neighborhood to thaw. Our roof is still covered with a heap of snow. Our driveway has gotten narrower and narrower as the winter passes on and is, at current, about a car and a half width wide, rather than two full lanes.

I’m looking forward to that moment when the snow is gone, past the point when the ground is spongy with moisture. Where you can take a walk without a coat and smell the damp freshness in the air, see the florescent sprigs of new grass dot the lawn.

I have things that I’m looking forward to doing. I want to paint our house – possibly a greenish-gray color. Maybe a deep bronze brown. I’m not completely sure of the color, just yet. I just know that I am itching to do it. We have had some flecks of paint come off when we pressure washed last and the “undone”-ness of that bothers me.

Honestly, our house needs some TLC outside. It needs a really good pressure wash to get the dirt from under the eaves – we’ll need to have a ladder to get in-range this time. We need to caulk some things. To paint some things. To plant some things. I would love to have some flowers this year – maybe zinnias?

Inside, I bought some new curtains for in the living room. I bought some traditional double-width velvet panels in a pretty brown the color of hot chocolate mix. I am now pretty much convinced that the deep gray walls are not right for me, but I have no clue what to use, instead.

I have been pinning Spanish-inspired interiors – a look that I have always loved. A fairly traditional look, but with lots of pattern. I know that Spanish style was popular in mid-century homes and I can just tell that it would compliment our home well. I’m waiting a bit for the pieces to come together – my taste fluctuates so much that I want to make sure I’m really in-love with the concept before I give myself the go-ahead.

Looking forward to spring.

2 thoughts on “looking forward.

  1. I almost wrote to you just last night to say I’d missed your posts. (But got distracted by other things…) Glad to hear that all is well. To figure out what color to paint our house, we went for lots of walks and looked at houses. We started paying attention to what we did and didn’t like and why. Still meaning to write a post about how we made our choices. Some day…

    And I’m not sure what Spanish style is. Would love to see you pin board of it, though. I think Spanish style was popular when our house was built. We have a fireplace I’ve thought of as Mediterranean, and many of the street names in our neighborhood are Spanish (La Mesa, El Camino, Hacienda).

    • Funny that you mention street names – the streets in our neighborhood are all Western names – Pony, Palomino, Cimmaron.

      Our house was built during the popularity of Westerns, so it makes sense – there was a wagon wheel perched by our lamppost in the real estate listing, but was gone before our time here.

      Spanish style is very similar to Mediterranean. Think informal, wrought iron, leather furniture, dark woods, light walls. Beams. Comfortable.

      Similar to the below:

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