making a list. or not.

I was writing up a post, yesterday, about all of the things I needed to do around the house. I had found the January Cure at Apartment Therapy (in February, oh, well.) and thought, hey, a list is always a good way for me to stay on-track!

But, the list, it was long and today was longer and just looking at the list? Makes me kind of tired.

So, the list? I suppose will be for another day. I have a lot of little things (and big things) that would go a long way toward making our house just a little bit better. But some of those things can wait.

My daily life at the office has been challenging. Just lots of things going on and feeling overwhelmed. Nothing out of the ordinary for me, I suppose. I’m a bit of a high-strung person, so I worry when worry isn’t always necessary.

Don’t we all?

Anyway. So my time, here, at home? I’m just savoring it before I dive back in, again, tomorrow.

Which makes it all the more sweet when home is a place where you can look around and not see more things that need to be done. But…there are a fair number of things that I have done, where I can see progress.

I’m not sure how “normal” this is, but I’m always noticing how much the things in the background of our photos have changed – that the wall is a different color, or how we have a different table or that the window coverings we used to have really, really, did not match the paint on the walls. :) (There were fights about this.)

I suppose it’s a little fickle, being that it’s really physical things changing that I notice and that’s, clearly, not what a home is about, but it is gratifying to see progress. To see that little changes over a period of time can make a big difference to the feel and function of your house.

So, the list of to-do’s? That’s for another day. But I think it would be good to write things down and check things off – maybe with a date? It will make me seem so much more productive than I feel.

2 thoughts on “making a list. or not.

  1. I was working on a post today that sent me back to some old photos, and I was pretty amazed at how our living room has transformed. We’re not the kind of people who re-do a whole room at once. (Or don’t have the kind of life that makes that possible?) I think most of us aren’t. It’s really helped me to realize that house as work-in-progress is normal. That we’re not in some holding pattern until our spaces are “done.” I don’t know that they’ll ever be done. It’s been really freeing for me.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. My job has been on high intensity since the beginning of January. My let-up is due to come mid-March, and I’m just trying to hang on until then. House projects are taking a definite back seat.

    • Thanks – I find it so gratifying to see the changes that we have made since moving in. We still have a long way to go, no doubt, but it feels really good to see progress.

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