side note.

Is this becoming a “mom blog”? Because, really, I am not very maternal by-nature and that would be funny.

I will say, though, that there has been no biting at daycare in a week. So, that’s good. (My child, he is the biter, in case you were wondering.) It’s a completely frustrating situation, because he just bites this one girl and her mom is insistent that a boy his age should know not to bite.


We are figuring that it might be due to his frustrations with speech. We have a visit with our pediatrician scheduled, so hopefully will have a game plan figured out, soon. Totally not trying to be flippant about this other mom’s concerns, because, hello, if the roles were reversed, I would have a problem, too.

I guess we’ll get it figured out, eventually. We will see if the pediatrician has any recommendations about the biting.

2 thoughts on “side note.

  1. Hmm…posts about biting and going #2. I think that makes you a mom blogger. :-)

    I know the biting thing is a big deal if one’s child is the bitee (? the bitten?). But the idea that a boy his age should know not to bite is kind of silly. I find “should” to be one of the most unhelpful words we have.

    Good luck with all that–just remember that this, too, shall pass!

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