I came home and tackled the driveway. We had snow yesterday and literally everybody else was outside shoveling at the same time, but it was getting dark and my husband was leaving and I didn’t feel like going out.

As I told him last night, the neighbors probably thought we were slackers.

I wanted to make sure that no one started to blow our driveway out, so when I got home tonight, I let Jayan inside and he watched me through the window as I shoveled the drive. It’s one thing for our neighbors to help once in a great while, but I don’t want them to think that we sit around, waiting for people to help us out.

However, I will say that we have a longer-than-average drive and that clearing it is a workout for a big girl like me.

I might actually be sore tomorrow. (Well, I probably will be sore tomorrow.) But, it’s done and that’s the main thing, right?

We found that Jayan’s cough was actually pneumonia. I felt a little like mom of the year for not catching earlier signs, but seriously, he would cough a little bit in the middle of the night and I just thought his nose was stuffy. I definitely didn’t think pneumonia! But, other than the fever and a loss of appetite, he’s still running on as high of energy as usual.

Little kids are so much more resilient than the rest of us. When I have a fever, especially, I am completely wiped out.

Thankfully, his fever let up by Saturday and he is three days into medication, so if there were any lingering bugs, they should be taken care of. :)

As for mom? I think I could use a nap. Anyone with me?

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