It’s super hot in here.

Where I’m at, anyway. Not so much in other parts of the house.

Thursday was a super cold night, here in Minnesota. The temperatures were in range of -12 degrees F and there was wind. All in all, it has been a relatively mild winter, considering. Actually, the week of Christmas, it was sixty degrees during much of that week (ie NOT TYPICAL) – so it’s been a considerable temperature drop in the time since then.


So, considering our super mild winter, when would be the best time to have an issue with your heating system? Hmm. Let’s try THE COLDEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR THUS FAR.

Our house is middle-aged – built in the mid-1960’s and it’s a split level, which makes heating a bit of a pain, to begin with. I am very fond of in love with our house – it has a great layout and tons of space – but it is in dire need of energy efficiency, which, has, sadly, but a strain on our relationship.

Other homeowners out there? You know what I mean. We haven’t had anything majorly wrong with our house – all in all, it’s very solidly built, but, wow, it had not really been touched, for the most part, since it was built.

We need to think about new windows, a new front door (or at least a new storm door), lots and lots of insulation…it’s a mounting list. We have been doing updates as time and budget allows, but mostly cosmetic changes (I am known around the office as “Erin who enjoys repainting her rooms all of the time”), but not so much the other updates. SO…that, I think, is going to change.

Starting, probably, with insulation. Because we are thinking that on that coldest night of the year thus far? That one of our pipes may have froze. Yeah. Not good.

Originally written 1/21/13, published in March 2016.

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