a day at home.

There has been a large swing in temperature the past few days. On Friday, it was close to 45 degrees, which, in Minnesota in January is practically sub-tropical. :) By Saturday, it was dropping and today, it is -4 degrees and with the wind chill (or whatever it is called, now), it feels like -21 degrees.

Today, our daycare was closed due to the holiday. Needless to say, I am glad I am spending the day inside, at home, and still in my flannel pajamas. I stepped out briefly into our garage to grab a toy that Jayan had brought with him to the airport last night that I forgot to grab as I lugged my sleeping boy back to his bed, once we were back home. (We’re still missing one toy, actually, but thankfully, he hasn’t asked me about it too much, today.)

Our car is the keeper of lost things. I have lost honeydew and cantaloupe melons under the rear seats multiple times. Not cool.

I doubt the toy is in that area of the car, anyway. But still, if it doesn’t come up, I should check there. There could be roaming melons stashed there. Sigh – in that case, it’s very good that it’s winter and our garage isn’t heated.

In any case, that short trip to the garage is the most I plan to venture out today. It’s too cold and my jammies are much too comfortable.

I started reading The Hunger Games. Totally realize that I am a year behind the rest of the population, but that’s okay. I’m just starting to get into the first book, much of it has been setting things up, for the most part. We’ll see how I like it. I need to be in the right mood to read and hold my attention, so I might put it down and pick up something else in the meanwhile.

I have also been debating paint.

Our house has a fairly open layout and there is a continuous wall that runs between our lower level living room and our upper level family room and I am absolutely clueless what to do about it.

Right now, I have the upper level room painted a charcoal gray (Behr Amazon Stone, lightened 50%) and the lower level is a deep blue-gray (BM Templeton Gray). And the place where the colors meet? Kind of a garbled-up mess – I had intended on making a sharp line with painters tape later, but haven’t gotten around to it, yet. (See what I mean about the procrastinating?) The paint is about the same saturation, so with the light, you don’t really see it if you’re not looking for it. However…I would like to have one color between the two levels.

But what.

View of our living room. The armoire is a "clutter keeper." (Shake my head.) Anyway - you can see the paint color in the photo.

View of our living room. The armoire is a “clutter keeper.” (Shake my head.) Anyway – you can see the blue/gray paint color in the photo.

My original intent was the carry the blue between the two levels, but my husband doesn’t want the upper level blue. I think the color would look really good with our brick fireplace, which has sort of an orange-toned brick. And we already have a really loud bright orange Moroccan rug that would play well with the blue. :) Windows? Heavily debating the dark chocolate-colored velvet panels at World Market as I think it would work well with our wrought iron railings.

View of dining room from family room. We have a bronze wagon wheel chandelier, now, instead of the ceiling fan.

View of dining room from family room. We have a bronze wagon wheel chandelier, now, instead of the ceiling fan.

For the upstairs hallway and the wall above the railing/staircase (that I am scared to paint because ugh…heights give me the heebee jeebees!), I am contemplating an ochre/camel color – maybe BM Camel or Golden Retriever? It will break up the blue and complement the rusty red (Behr Sequoia Grove) in our dining room. The wall over the railing/staircase right now is a light sage green, which we had chosen when we first bought the house – it’s not going with anything. I haven’t started painting it because of my totally-for-real fear of heights.

The Amazon Gray, it’s not “bad” but with beige couches and beige carpet and beige drapes, it’s just super duper blah. The rug helped to add some color, but I think more than anything, we’re in need of contrast. Brighter colors, less blah. I’m not a fan of “accent walls,” in-general, but I think that if we did do the wall over the stairs in the ocher, it would look okay. I’ve debated just walling that area in, but am holding off as long as I can. (Although, as a parent of a young child, it would be nice to not have people be able to see under your couches at eye-level when they enter your house. :))

Will it be too much patchwork of color for our house? I dunno. The more deeper/truer colors I add, the more I tend to like it.

You can see our open concept layout, here. And can see how complicated choosing colors can be!

You can see our open concept layout, here. And can see how complicated choosing colors can be!

I should mention that my overall “keep our house cohesive” theme is colors that would appear in a piece of natural slate. At some point, I would like to take out the Pergo in the dining room and kitchen and swap that to slate tile – and the lower level, I would like to carry slate through that area, as well. However, in snooping at our neighbors’ houses when we were Trick or Treating (does anyone else do that?), I noticed Moroccan terra cotta tile similar to the shape in my orange rug in nearly all of the entryways, so guessing that our house had similar at one time, as well.

And the carpet, we laid it at the time we moved in, but I totally say that we are not fans AT ALL, so would like to sub in hardwood floors, possibly in a cherry with a clear coat, although I’m sure my husband would rather go deep with the stain.

For right now, maybe I should focus my painting energy on evening out the messy divide line between the two spaces and have something finished for once. Hmm. If I could get the rest of the details to come together, maybe I won’t mind the gray so much.

4 thoughts on “a day at home.

  1. Love your house! Those beams in the ceiling. That fireplace. Original wrought-iron railings. So wish our house had the original railings.

    As for the paint questions…I don’t know. Most of the upper level of our split is the same, neutral color. At first I resisted that. I like color. But I’ve become a convert. It makes the whole place feel cohesive to me, and kind of clean and uncluttered. It also lets me have way more fun with color in the smaller (and more easy to change) things. Actually, “easy to change” should not be tucked away in parentheses. Because I often don’t know what I like until I see it, going bold with wall color is more of a risk for me. I know everyone says that paint is cheap and easy to change, but…the reality is that a wrong paint color would end up on our walls for a long time before we changed it.

    Looking forward to seeing what you choose. Because this way I get to peak at someone’s house without having to go trick-or-treating. :-) Yes, I totally know what you mean about that!

  2. :) Thanks, Rita. I am a painting queen, provided that it’s not super high. Anything over eight feet and I’m feeling seriously sick to my stomach. (By the way, how did you ever hang your artwork above the area that’s over your staircase? With the ladder? I’m scared to paint above ours, because I don’t know how to place the ladder – my mom cut in on that part of the wall, but I can’t for the life of me remember how she did it! I think our ceilings slope from 8-foot to 10-foot? So, being up that high, plus over stairs? Getting shaky/anxious feelings just thinking about it!)

    Anyway. About the painting – I repainted our lower level living room three times, our upstairs family room (well, three walls of it) three times, the dining room twice. We’ve only been here three and a half years and I didn’t paint, for the most part, for the first year. So, it will get done, but it might get changed in a few months. :)

    I adore light colored, airy rooms, but I couldn’t find a color that would compliment and ground our fireplace (we have another length of wall to the left of the fireplace that’s drywall). With the carpet, it felt like everything was washed out. I was looking at some browns to carry through (more neutral), but am not sold.

    Rambling…but thanks for your thoughts!

    • You know, floor color is important, too–which I can forget. We’ve got cork floors, which are dark with the neutral walls. I don’t think it would work as well if we still had the grey/beige carpet that was in the house when we bought it.

      And I hear you on the ladders. You don’t even want to know how we painted that stairwell. Most of it wasn’t too bad, but for the top of the column facing the living room, Cane had the ladder resting on the small little shelf of the trim at the bottom of the stair rail. I wouldn’t post a picture of it on the blog because it’s so not a safe way to do it. Luckily, he was only up there for a few minutes (we were able to do most of it with a long-handled roller), but I did NOT enjoy it!

      • Makes me nervous just thinking about it! Shudder!

        I think for the area over our stairs, we’ll end up hiring the painting out. They can bring scaffolding and I can have peace of mind.

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