Why is it that I seem to get sick on weekends or holidays?

In any case, I will need to “recover from recovering,” and unfortunately, this is probably not the week to do it. Oh, well.

So, until I can come up with a “real” post…I wanted to share a few links that I found. My not-so-secret love online is haunting house blogs. (Meaning, visiting house blogs, not haunted house blogs. Different things.)

I am ALWAYS looking for ideas for our house and adore houses, in general. We live in a 1960’s split-level and I want to update it to reflect our taste, but at the same time, keep the things that made us notice the house to begin with. Today, for example, I’ve been looking for railing inspration – other days, landscaping.

At some point, I’ll share some photos of our house. I have plans to, anyway. Sharing what I am doing would probably help with “finishing” half-done projects sooner. (Says the girl who stopped painting a piece of trim in the bathroom several months ago and has not came back to it. Ha.) My husband would appreciate the accountability. :)

So, in the meantime, between now and then, I have some links for my friends, also in splits. Hopefully some of these links are new ones to you. All three are some of my favorites.

Split Visions – Remodeling ideas, plus floor plans.

SplitLevel.net – An extensive primer on the split, plus decorating ideas.

RetroRenovation – Embracing the retro house.

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