this time of year.

This time of year is tough for me.

I have a tendency toward depression. Not meaning to say it as if to scare people off, just saying. That’s how I am. And have been for several years.

Anyway. Seasonally, it’s harder. I start to feel better once the days get longer, again, more toward April or so. 

This week, a coworker of mine, Sandra, is moving to a different company. I am sad to see her leaving, as this will change our group dynamic. She is one of three lovely ladies that I have lunch with, pretty much on a weekly basis. I have only worked with these girls the past three years, but they are now among my closest friends.

Sandra has had a tough time with leaving. Almost so much that I think she might be rethinking some of it. She hadn’t been applying, actually. She had interviewed with the company a year ago and the position went on-hold. They called her again in December, a year later, and asked if she was still interested. She went to their office and was pretty much offered the job right away. The benefits were good and it seemed a better fit long-term, as far as career pathing, so she took it. 

And now she’s leaving.

Things like this? They make me think about change.

Although we say that things won’t change, relationships do change. We’ll make new friends, social circles will change. Maybe in five years, we won’t talk anymore. Who knows. I have had it work both ways – some of my closest friends are girls I have worked with, whereas others, once we parted ways, that was it.

Me? I am going to take this difficult time of year and turn it around. I am going to work harder at counting my blessings. Or, rather, seeing the blessings around me, rather than the things that make me feel powerless. To see light in the dark.


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