saturday night, saturday night.

It’s just the two of us tonight. Jayan is on his second viewing of Cars 2. He hasn’t watched this movie in at least six months, so I’m not minding it, tonight. At the moment, he’s sprawled out on the rug, pushing his diecast cars around his Fisher Price airline set. (A set that’s been used rarely, actually. The tough thing about toys – you never really know what’s going to be loved versus what will be abandoned in two weeks.)

The house is looking semi-decent. I decluttered this afternoon and tossed out the paper letters that I thought Jayan might appreciate (he has a set of foam letters that he carries with him from place to place), but all they did was sit, mostly crumpled, on the floor and stress me out.

I won’t tell you how long they were on the floor. Long enough, put it that way.

I feel better, now.

I haven’t began my Christmas shopping. To be honest, I really don’t want to do it and have been avoiding. The mall, the crowds. Ugh.

Like most things, I am the ultimate procrastinator, so I started the season insisting that this year would be the year I would purchase all the gifts online, but I waited too long and now, considering that we travel for the holidays, it’s too tight to risk not having everything arrived before we leave.

So, I’ll be going out. Like I said…Ugh.

I have been getting ideas for people online, so I can swoop in, grab what I need and get out. That’s my intent, anyhow. We will see how it works out in-person! :)

I added a header, tonight, to my blog. (Well, provided that I actually keep up with this one – that’s still on the fence!) I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop Elements 11. It is similar to some of the simpler functions that I used in Photoshop – it’s missing kerning, which is something I noticed right away. I didn’t check for many of the photo functions, in that I wasn’t actually editing any photos, so I’m not sure how well that shakes out.

It’s better than nothing – and considering that I’m not a professional designer (anymore?), I shouldn’t really need more than that. It did feel good to play around with layers and type, again. I hadn’t forgotten as much as I thought I would have – it was a nice surprise!

So, anyway. Now, I’m feeling a little more like this is my home, now that I have a header of my own. Who knew?

2 thoughts on “saturday night, saturday night.

    • My first comment! Thank you, Rita! Glad someone else feels my pain! :) Your blog is one of my favorites, by the way. Thank you for visiting!

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