I have been absolutely frigid the past few days.

Let me explain.

Every winter, we have another tradition (much like the snowblower that we don’t buy) – this is called, “The upstairs isn’t heating.”

Our home was built in the mid-1960’s. We live in a great neighborhood with super neighbors and large lots and well-cared-for homes (for the most part – there’s always an exception). Our home is a classic split-level. (By this, I mean, if you took a single story ranch house with a basement – take one half and move it up a half story and add stairs to connect the levels.) It is heated by baseboard hot water heat – it’s a great heat, when it works.

Our problem is that our house isn’t the best insulated, so our top level, where our bedrooms are, tends to be chilly. It’s all right until we have a cold snap and then we really feel it.

Like today.

I just set up a space heater in the coldest bedroom, which happens to be Jayan’s. We had our plumber add glycol (basically fancy antifreeze) to our system last year, so I thought we might be able to avoid some of this this year, but no such luck.

Anyway. He should be warmer, tonight. I guess I will need to call the plumber.

My other problem is that my office building isn’t heated evenly, too, so, being a naturally cold person to begin with, I’m freezing all the time while I’m at work. Today, for example, at the office I wore a sweater with another cardigan sweater over top, plus a wool blanket coat and fingerless gloves (to type with, my dear!).

Yes, I was that cold. Still am, actually.

So, I’m thinking right now about warming up. Maybe making some tea. Snuggling up in the blanket with Jayan. He’s requesting to watch “The first Cars” movie and that doesn’t sound too bad.

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