Somewhere between yesterday and today, the snow came in. We woke today to a thick blanket of white. It is really beautiful. The branches of the trees are weighed so much that they nearly touch the ground in spots – hopefully we will not have limbs break and land on our roof, like it did that one year – but that was with ice and so-far, no ice, yet.

So, the snow is beautiful, but, of course, it doesn’t come without its problems. One such being that we still do not own a snowblower. In our house…that we have owned for three years…in Minnesota…We talk about it each winter, then the snow doesn’t accumulate that much and we make it through – we talk about it again in the spring and decide to wait until the next winter.

And so on. And so forth.

And so we do not have a snowblower. There are four inches of snow on the ground. We have called a snow plow person from Craigslist to stop in the next hour or so, but we can hear someone with a snowblower starting on our drive. We have wonderful, gracious neighbors who really look out for us. We really lucked out on our neighborhood.

The boys spent some of the afternoon pulling the sled around the back yard. We have a hilly lot with a perfect “not-too-steep” slope in the side yard that makes it perfect for sledding with little ones, as there’s room to coast, but it’s not so much of an incline that they go too fast.

Jayan has always loved winter, although he does forget from year to year that he does, so we need to remind him. We rigged him up with new boots, snow pants and a hat and coat. His mittens were impossible to get on, so I will need to search out some new ones – we couldn’t get his thumbs into the thumb holes, so they were on, but not necessarily functional.

I guess. (Thumbs, who needs those?)

It is nice to be home when it’s snowy outside. I have the laundry running and the dishes washing. Thinking about catching up on my book – I have been reading the Jodi Picoult novel my friend Maria gave me for my birthday, The Pact. I’m still not so far into it to be really enveloped, just yet. I love getting lost in a book and, right now, a blanket cocoon sounds wonderful. Maybe some tea.

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