on a friday in december.

It’s a late night for me.


I suppose, typical for the weekend. So not typical for during the workweek.

I do do this on the weekend, though. Selective sleeplessness. I suppose things could be worse.

My husband and son are asleep together on the couch a few feet away. The little one breathing heavy breaths in his sleep. The big one snoring loudly. Two of a kind, those boys.

My dad had surgery yesterday to remove an affected lobe of his prostate. Apparently, the cancer was caught soon enough that it has not spread, yet, but the evaluation of the lymph nodes will not be complete until Monday.

I am hoping that this will be the extent of things, but you never know. He looked so good yesterday for just coming out of surgery. His face had good color and he even stayed awake for part of the time to talk with my brother, sister-in-law and I while we were there.

I have never seen either of my parents sick. I have had friends lose parents and gosh, it’s like, I take my parents’ health for granted. And with my dad, it’s like he’s sick…but he’s not sick. He doesn’t seem physically sick.

I hope with all the hope within me that he doesn’t become sick. That this will be it for a while. That things can go back to normal.

But, things are different and will be different.

That’s just how things are.

It snowed on my drive home from the hospital. I had gotten slightly lost on my way out of town. My iphone on a 1% charge and no map and wet snow clinging to the streets. I stopped twice – first for gas and a map. Then to Ace Hardware (of all places) to pick up a car charger.

It was my first snow of the winter – I had been out of state the first snow. I have poor night vision to begin with, so to add snow to the mix, I was driving all white knuckled. But, at least I now knew I was 1.) going the right direction and 2.) could call in-case I was stalled somewhere. (Provided I had cell signal, but wasn’t going to think about that.)

So many ditch-bound cars, yet people still whizzed around me. I didn’t care. I just wanted to be home with my boys and to get some much-needed sleep.

Pulling into our neighborhood, I remembered, again, how much I loved it. Our circle, with its wide, rolling lots, looks so nice with fresh snow. The porch lights were on at our house as I pulled into the drive – and even though I had only been away since that morning, it felt like so much longer than that.

It felt so good to be home.

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