the day, thus far.

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary.

We slept in (well, one of us did) and had a late brunch at our favorite haunt for huevos rancheros. (So good.) Our kiddo was exceptionally good. He jumped around by the side of the table, but no running. And he ate his lunch (two sausage patties, two pieces of toast with strawberry jam and half a hard-boiled egg) – that doesn’t happen often when we go to lunch.

We drew pictures of Lightning McQueen and Mater being chased by the combine. He liked one of the drawings so well that he made sure it came with us home. He held it the whole time while we browsed the Room and Board outlet, afterward. 

I know. Such kid friendly activities. As I said, he was so good.

I have a headache this afternoon. I took some painkillers and am waiting for it to kick in. Hopefully soon. I think my neck is out of alignment, again. Such is life.

But, it’s been a good day. So-far.

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