when did this happen?

I was jumping from place to place on Facebook, tonight (doesn’t everyone?) and I came across some photos of a couple I went to college with. They are now married and have four girls.

I stared at their photos. Beautiful people. Beautiful daughters. And I thought – gosh, when did we become adults? He’s now a professor at a midwestern college. And, I mean, four kids? I have one and feel pretty stretched. Four? Go them. I can only wish to be so organized. :)

(I think with a big family, you need to be well organized, less you live in chaos every single day. I come from a very-organized family of five children – I know these things.)

I am so glad to see that so many of the people I went to school followed their creative juices and ended in creative fields. I know several photographers and graphic designers.

I do wish sometimes that I had followed my passion, more – been a bit more brave. I suppose there is time for that. Writing has always been more my “thing” versus the designing, anyway. But, maybe, I should be doing something more. Writing more. Fiction, perhaps? I should get into a workshop, somewhere. Sharpen my skills, again. Hmm.

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