it’s oh so quiet.

I came home tonight to a nearly-empty house. My husband was home, but hadn’t brought in the garbage cans, so I left the car running in the driveway and ushered the cans into the far end of the garage.

I was surprised that my mom wasn’t back, yet. She has been staying with us this week to help with Jayan while my daycare provider has vacation. I’m so glad that she is able to help us – we would be in a bit of a spot had she not been able to help.

Today, though, she went to see a house that my brother and sister-in-law were considering. (The house looks oddly similar to our house, actually. Weird.) Anyway. They live in Mankato, so a bit of a drive from our house – she had told us about going yesterday and of, course, she would be taking Jayan with her. No problem at all. I thought that maybe she would be home late – no big deal.

She called a bit ago and they are going home to her house (which is across the state). I was okay with this – Jayan absolutely loves visiting the farm. It just was a surprise. So, for the next few days, it will be just the two of us.

It’s strange being here with just my husband and no requests to watch Curious George or to make W’s and X’s. It’s so quiet. It makes me wonder what we found to talk about before we had Jayan. It’s funny how you forget.

Tomorrow, we’ll go on a date. I have no idea where – being that hello, we just found out about being able to go out sans child as of today. Maybe see a movie? Hmm.

For now, I just find it quiet. A little too quiet.

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